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Don’t underestimate simple acts of love

Posted: December 21, 2018 by efenster in Stories
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headshots+2-0055I just got a call from a stranger.  “My grandmother, Miriam, died and she asked you to participate in her funeral.”  My wife and I had just received a Christmas card from Miriam yesterday, the day she died at the age of 103!  We had just told each other that we should visit her over Christmas week.

Miriam had been a part of Simpson UM Church, where Marlene and I had worked until 1995 when I went to work for the Conference.  I can count on one hand the number of times I saw Miriam since then, but every Christmas we exchanged notes.  Why was my name on the first page of her funeral planning notes?  I guess I didn’t realize what I meant to her.

You, I’m sure, have had similar experiences, especially if you’ve lived sixty or more years like me.  People touched by your love along the way.  It might seem fleeting or inconsequential to us, yet it stayed with that person over the arc of their lives.  What a wonder…

IMG_0649Similarly, do you think the shepherds, who were among Jesus’ first visitors on that first Christmas, were aware that their one-time visit would still be talked about 2000 years later?  What a wonder…

May we keep shining the light of Christ in 2019!  And may we not underestimate the power of even the smallest act of love.

— Ed Fenstermacher, Associate Director of Church Development