Small church brings kids big blessings!

Posted: June 22, 2018 by efenster in Stories
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Walnut Grove United Methodist Church is a rural congregation located in the countryside of Pike County near the White River in southern Indiana.  While its considered numerically to be a small congregation with an average Sunday worship attendance of 35-40, its members do big ministry! 

UnknownOne of their many successes is once again just around the corner.  Each year the congregation gathers the supply lists from the surrounding schools from each teacher of each grade level.  When the lists are obtained the fun begins!  The members, who have been purchasing and gathering school supplies all year begin the process of laying out the supplies in their fellowship hall.  When the big day arrives, children and their parents come to Walnut Grove UMC for a free lunch and the opportunity to fill their brand new backpacks, which the church provides, with the school supplies their new teachers suggest.  The congregation also has a “gift room” where students can pick out a gift (not school supplies) to take home.

Brenda Wick, a retired art instructor from Vincennes University, is the pastor at Walnut Grove UMC and smiles from ear to ear when speaking of this event!  Last year the church gave over 500 backpacks to students in Pike County.  Wick says the ministry has grown every year and expects the same to happen this year.  The 2018 back pack event is scheduled for Tuesday July 31st.

So what is your church planning to do for its community’s students this year?

— Rev. Randy Anderson, Associate Director of Church Development 



  1. Rev Hugh Rohrer says:

    The Judyville Church in Warren County every years give toys to children from lower income families. We send home a note in their weekend backpack with an invitation for a family member come come to the Church and pick out two brand new toys for their child. We ask that they bring the note with them, plus some sort of identification regarding living in Warren County. We did this because we had people coming from adjoining Counties and giving false addresses and receiving toys. Each years, for the past six (6) years we give away from $4,000 to $6,000 in toys. the money is raised withing the congregation (average attendance 17-25) throughout the year. The program was started because one person didn’t want any child to have a Christmas without a toy under the tree. We help about 65-70 families and up to 200 plus children.
    Rev. Hugh Rohrer
    Judyville United Methodist Church

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