Eight tips to prepare your church for Christmas

Posted: December 4, 2015 by efenster in Ideas
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Yes, Christmas is coming…again!

How should your church prepare?  Rev. Brad Kalajainen, pastor of Cornerstone United Methodist Church in Caledonia, MI, gives the following tips…


  1. Make sure to have a great worship sermon series.
  2. Incorporate the church’s children in one of the worship experiences.  It will likely draw a larger crowd and guests.
  3. Share during December worship services video “advertisements” for the Christmas Eve services and the new January sermon series, giving attenders a reason to come back.
  4. Get commitments from those who will volunteer for the Christmas Eve services.
  5. Make sure you have a good follow up plan for your guests.
  6. Christmas provides a great opportunity to have a special offering, such as a mission project, that the community will appreciate and participate in.  Make sure to invite the community to participate.
  7. Consider also having part of the Christmas Eve offering fund a project supporting the church’s ministry, such as new toys for the church’s nursery or to kick off a capital fund campaign.
  8. Plan a minimum of effort for the Sunday following Christmas.  Try to give as many of your volunteers a rest as possible.   Maybe encourage children to worship that day with their parents, and only provide child care for children under five years old.

What would you add?

(Shared with Brad’s permission.)


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