Are you all in?

Posted: April 3, 2015 by efenster in Ideas
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cross-collage-1409273-mAs I approach Easter, I have this recurring question, “Am I all in?”  Am I sold out completely for Jesus and the sake of His mission?  I ask this not only for myself, but also for my three sons who are young adults.  Who will they live for?  They are such gifted young men.  Yes, they attend church.  But will they devote their lives to Jesus and the mission, living that out in whatever vocation they pursue?

I ask this also for our churches.  Will our churches be totally sold out to Jesus and His mission?  Will they really mean it when they pray, “Thy will be done?”  Or will they hang on to their sacred cows and personal preferences?  I think of the church of Laodice, which is described in the book of Revelation as being neither “hot nor cold.”   Such lukewarm churches are spit out!

We live in a society that preaches that it is all about us and what we want.  Our personal preferences trump everything else.  Following Jesus turns this upside down.  It’s not about us and what we want at all.  It’s all about Jesus and His mission.

So as we read the scriptures about Jesus and His disciples who abandoned him when he needed them most, who couldn’t even stay awake while he prayed, what about us?  Are we too like them, or are we totally sold out to Jesus and His mission–not lukewarm, but blazingly hot, willing to sacrifice all to the one who sacrificed it all for us.  May we be all in this Easter!

— Ed Fenstermacher, Associate Director for Church Development


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