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image_7336“It’s true, isn’t it?” the 30-year-old woman said to Rev. Loucks.  “Jesus is real!”  This was a part of a conversation that happened after a special Wednesday night worship service designed to reach the unchurched, especially those living in a low-income mobile home community.

Lamb’s Chapel United Methodist Church, located in LaPorte County near the Michigan state line, already has three Sunday morning worship services–two contemporary and a traditional service.  Yet, Rev. Jay Loucks and the church’s leaders realized that there was a significant, unreached group of people living in a nearby mobile home court, so they decided to start a Wednesday evening service to reach them.  And, as the above comment demonstrates, lives are being changed!

Most of the 50 or so people attending are Hispanic, many undocumented, so building trust has been critically important.  One way trust has been growing is through Rev. Loucks substitute teaching in the local elementary school where many of the families’ children attend.  The church also has a member who is translating the service into Spanish in real time using translation equipment.

The church also uses food as a way to connect with those attending.  In fact, the Wednesday worship–which features a praise band, teaching, and community–is called the “Bread of Life” service.  The church provides groceries to every family who attends, and each month they give one family a freezer full of food donated by Lamb’s Chapel members!  All so that people might realize that Jesus is real!

Praise God!  — Ed Fenstermacher, Associate Director of Church Development

  1. Debbie says:

    How exciting! I’ve had a vision of a similar ministry, but just don’t have the time to implement it now.

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