Leadership covenants

Posted: January 3, 2014 by efenster in Information
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UnknownQuiz:  If two horses can pull 9,000 pounds, how many pounds can four horses pull?  One would think the answer is 18,000 pounds, but according to one source it is actually more than 30,000 pounds!  How can that be?  It’s on account of the synergy that results from teamwork.

Those of us on the Indiana Conference Church Development staff work as a team and we model teamwork.  This means that most of what we do is done through teams, and we encourage churches and church plants we work with to form teams to carry out their efforts.

A team, however, is truly a team only if it is working together.  Four horses can’t pull 30,000 if they aren’t pulling the same direction.  To work as a team, each member must have a clear understanding of the tasks they are trying to carry out and to work with shared core values.  Teams with these two ingredients truly will experience synergy!

Additionally, it is helpful for teams to commit to a covenant that will guide them as they work together.  This covenant helps create a culture of trust, which is necessary for any healthy team.  Below is an example of the team covenant that the Church Development staff has committed to.

So are you leading solo or do you do ministry through teams?  What key teams should you develop in 2014?  Have you developed a leadership covenant for your teams?  If not, consider establishing them.  And as a result, begin to do ministry with incredible synergy!

— Ed Fenstermacher, Associate Director of Church Development

Church Development Team Covenant

All we do is for the sake of the mission, to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.

In working together, we promise to:  ABC PLUS

Accountability.  We hold each other accountable.

Best.  We share our best ideas and give our best effort.

Confidentiality.  We keep what is confidential, confidential.

Pray.  We pray for each other, the conference, and the mission.

Loyalty.  We can count on each other’s loyalty—“I have your back, and you have mine.”

Understand & listen.  We seek to understand before seeking to be understood.

Support.  We may disagree but once a decision is made we support it 100%–buy in.



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