Breaking out of our silos

Posted: May 17, 2013 by efenster in Ideas

SilosDoes your church tend to operate in silos?  You know, do the trustees do their thing, missions another, and the youth area still another?  Even though they’re all a part of the same church with the same mission, does each area function independently?

Well, I was at First United Methodist Church of Valparaiso, Indiana, last Saturday and the church was observing the global “Change the World” movement by preparing meals for the hungry through the organization Kids Against Hunger.  Over two hundred people, working in two shifts, prepared over 40,000 meals at the church that day!

What’s this have to do with breaking down silos?  The church’s senior pastor, Dr. Jacob Williams, Jr., explained to me that the ingredients and shipping expenses for the meals were being covered through a grant from a special benevolent fund the church had established.  The hitch, however, was that in order for a ministry area in the church to apply for this grant, it had to find at least two other non-related ministry areas to join them in their cause.  As a result, silos were being breached, the church’s ministries were working together, and amazing things were happening.

How might your church break out of its tendency to do ministry in silos?  Figure that out and it may just help your church change the world, just as First UMC was last Saturday.

— Ed Fenstermacher



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