Saying “Yes!” to God’s call isn’t always easy…

Posted: March 11, 2013 by efenster in Stories

Taylor Chapel-ChildrenDo you enjoy how you’re presently serving God and your church?  What happens when God calls you to do something new?  Hear these words from Pam Pierson about her inner struggle as God called her to leave her church’s praise team to lead its Sunday morning children’s ministry called KIDS Worship!
“Had I responded immediately to the prompting of the Spirit, this ministry [KIDS Worship!] could have been launched last fall.  What slowed down the process was me!  Transitioning into this new ministry meant stepping away from something dear to me (Praise Team).  What “dear” things will many of us at TC need to trade in for the “new” thing that God wants for us?  It might seem very…glamourous…and cool to be leading something new…but what is unseen may often be the process…battle?… that precedes the birth of something new.  What do we cling to selfishly because it’s comfortable, enjoyable, even meaningful….when God wants to move us to new territory?  I couldn’t imagine not singing from the platform every Sunday….and, if I am honest, I miss singing in that setting…so I didn’t necessarily want to move to KIDS Worship! until it became so crystal clear that it was where I needed to be…..but it’s good to be in a new place when one knows it’s the place where God is leading.”
Pam is a member of Taylor Chapel United Methodist Church, in Fort Wayne, led by Rev. Steve Conner.
(Thanks Pam for sharing this with us!)

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