Where are the men?

Posted: February 8, 2013 by efenster in Uncategorized

Change the World 2012Is your church missing men?  According to the book, Why Men Hate Going to Church, by David Murrow (2011), the typical U.S. worship service draws an adult crowd that is 61% women.  He goes on to say that churches are designed for persons who are highly verbal, musical, sensitive, and relational; in other words, they’re designed more for the typical woman than the typical man.

He says that this is unique to Christianity, that all the other major religions don’t have such a gender imbalance.  He also says that this imbalance is not just a U.S. issue, but it can be found wherever Christianity is practiced.  In fact, he argues that men have been becoming less involved in Christianity over the past 700 years.  (Yes, that’s a seven with two zeros!)

So, what about your church?  Are the people–up front, in leadership, in the pews, in the Sunday school classrooms–more likely to be girls and women rather than boys and men?  Is so, you’ll want to read this book, especially the last part which talks about how we can more intentionally design our churches especially for men.

— Ed Fenstermacher, Associate Director for Church Development


  1. Cathy Wesolek says:

    The absence of men in the pews is something we considered as we were planning our new contemporary service a few years ago. I’m excited that we seem to be bucking the trend in our worship attendance and leadership. We have primarily men in our praise team, men teaching Sunday school and men involved on the teams that lead the various parts of our ministry. We also have a few families where the wife and children had been attending church without the father/husband for several years; the whole family now attends our service together–and a few times the men have even shown up alone when the wife/kids are out of town. (Wakarusa United Methodist Church)

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