Stan Buck: What a guy!

Posted: November 20, 2012 by efenster in Stories

Church Development lost one of its greatest advocates with the passing of Rev. Stan Buck, who recently died due to cancer.  Few had Stan’s deep passion for reaching the lost through the planting of churches and the establishment of new congregations.   Yes, he served for years on the Conference Church Development Committee, helping us allocate grants for new-church plants and assessing potential church planters.  But Stan went well beyond simply serving on a conference committee.  He practiced what he preached!

Of course, Sonrise United Methodist Church was a big part of that.  Twenty-five years ago Stan recruited lots of volunteers–including my wife and me–to make thousands of phone calls, inviting people to be a part of a new southwest Fort Wayne church.  The church quickly grew.  In his doctoral thesis he wrote this remembrance:

“Today was a special day! Our new church celebrated its first anniversary of worship–314 were present! It was an exciting day!! It really has been a joy to serve as founding pastor of this exciting new church. I pray that God will give us many years of fruitful ministry here. It is thrilling to look ahead and see the possibilities which lie ahead. (4 Dec. 1988)”

Stan believed in church planting so much that his church not only started new worship services to reach more people, it began launching additional campuses–first one in Roanoke and then a second on the city’s north side.  No doubt he had a hand in what is on Sonrise’s website regarding this.  It says:

“More campuses equal more people who know God!  We don’t get hung up on numbers but we do get hung up on people.  People matter to God so they matter to us!  While our strategy and methods are important, “WHY” we exist is a much bigger deal to us.”

And his legacy goes on. 

Well, done brother Stan.  Thank you for your years of service.  Thank you for pushing us on the Conference Church Development Committee, for asking the tough questions, for keeping church planting a priority.  Thank you, Stan.  We’re going to miss you…

— Ed Fenstermacher, Associate Director for Church Development

P.S.  See you on the other side in Glory!


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