United Methodist Church growing outside U.S.

Posted: April 23, 2012 by efenster in Information

United Methodist are gathering from around the world for the denomination’s General Conference being held in Tampa, Florida, April 24-May 4th.   Over 40% of the delegates attending are from outside the United States.  This number continues to rise as the church outside the U.S. continues to dramatically grow.  As a result of non-U.S. growth, the United Methodist Church has enjoyed eight consecutive years of membership growth!   Much of this growth can be attributed to church planting.

According to the General Board of Global Ministries’ report to the General Conference, the past four year 400 new United Methodist churches have been planted outside the U.S.  Here are some of what’s happening in some parts of the world…

Cambodia— 150 new UMC’s since 1989.  Vietnam — 200 new UMC’s since 2000.  Malawi — 150 new UMC’s since 1987.  Cameroon — 30 UM faith communities.  Honduras — 12 UMC’s since 1994.  Latvia — 13 new UMC’s.  Russia, Ukraines, Moldova, and Belarus — 125 UMC’s.  And the church continues to grow in places like Congo and the Philippians by leaps and bounds.  

Praise God for these signs of growth and renewal.  May it spread to the U.S. and to the Indiana Conference.   

Please pray for our church, its continue outreach and growth, and for those of us who are serving as delegates to the General Conference.  May God continue to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world through our efforts! 

— Ed Fenstermacher, Indiana Conference delegate and Associate Director of Church Development


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