Baptisms: The Spirit moves within a church

Posted: October 26, 2011 by efenster in Stories

The following account is shared by Rev. Barry Humble, pastor of Boehmer United Methodist Church.  Boehmer is a rural church in the Northeast District that averages around 50 people in worship each week.  Praise God for what is happening through their ministry!

“Three years ago a young lady, a 7th grader, came to me and said that she would like to be baptized…by immersion.  For a number of years my wife and I have hosted our Boehmer congregation at our home and pond with a “Tent Worship” and carry-in.  Meagan requested to be baptized in our pond.  I counselled with her and her parents and the day came.  It was a beautiful August Sunday and after worship we all moved to the water’s edge and began the service of Baptism.  This was my first immersion and I was touched by the Holy Spirit as was all in attendance.  The look on Meagn’s face when she came up out of the water was priceless.  People talked about that event for some time. 

“The next year three other young people came to me with the same request to be baptized in the pond.  Once again we counselled with them and their parents and the day came.  We moved into the water and after the last youth, I asked, “would there be anyone else who has felt the touch of the Holy spirit and would like to be baptized?”  There was a woman who was a guest of a member of the congregation stepped forward and said, “Yes!”  We baptized her as well.  This past August four people requested baptism, two youth, a father of three and an 88 years old woman.  Once again the church gathered at the water’s edge and four new witnesses were added to the Kingdom.”

What’s your church’s story?  Please share it!  — Ed (


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