Developing leaders key to church vitality

Posted: September 7, 2011 by efenster in Ideas, Resources

What helps a congregation make the adaptive changes necessary in order for it to more effectively carry out its mission?  The United Methodist Council of Bishops created a task force to help answer this question.  The results have been published in a Call to Action Report
According to Dr. Jeff Stiggins, Director of the Center for Congregational Excellence for the Florida Annual Conference, of the 16 vitality indicators which the Call to Action Report identified, the following five give the most leverage to pastors and congregations:
·        Effective pastors focus on developing, coaching and mentoring to enable laity leadership to improve their performance.
·        Effective pastors propel the local church to set and achieve significant goals.
·        Effective pastors influence the actions and behaviors of others to accomplish changes in the local church.                                               
·        Effective pastors inspire the congregation through preaching.                          
·        When the appointment is working out, effective pastors tend to stay longer – a minimum of 5 or more years in vital congregations. 
The Indiana Conference’s Fruitful Congregation Journey (FCJ) goes a long way in helping pastors and laity work on the first four.  Nearly 100 Indiana United Methodist Churches have participated, or will be participating, in this church revitalization process.  For more information contact the Indiana Conference Center at 877 781-6706. 

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