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Pastor’s get away retreat available

Posted: July 22, 2011 by efenster in Resources, Stories

As your church considers how to celebrate pastor’s appreciation month in October, Rev. Bob Vale at the Osecola United Methodist Church, encourages your church to consider taking advantage of a wonderful, low-cost retreat opportunity especially for pastors.  Here’s what he writes…

My wife and I just got back from a wonderful pastors retreat in Wisconsin sponsored by the Pastor’s Retreat Network.  It was an amazing week in so many different ways.  We relaxed as a couple, we recharged our spiritual batteries, we celebrated Sabbath, we ate a ton of delicious food, I fished a bunch, we read a lot of books and we slept a lot.  

We were also challenged by an older clergy couple who were the directors of the ministry.  Each day they met with five other clergy couples from all denominations for a delicious lunch. (They have a great chief fix all the meals!)   The pastor director basically had a guided devotion and asked us questions about our ministry and seeking to find time for Sabbath in our ministry.  It was wonderful and very rich.

My church SPRC paid the $500 for the full week of registration.   This included lodging and all the meals.   We did not have to pay for anything on this week long vacation. 

I share this with you to encourage other churches to please consider giving a gift to their own pastor of a weeklong rest and spiritual retreat.  I have some brochures and a DVD I am going to mail to you this week if you wish to know more.  The Pastor’s Retreat Network website link (above) will also give you a great deal about the four different locations the retreat center are around the country. 

Blessings, Pastor Bob Vale, Osceola UMC