Want outsiders to discover your church electronically?

Posted: June 17, 2011 by efenster in Information, Resources

Would you like your church to turn up on computer searches?  Would you like the unchurched to discover your church when they’re doing a Google search for a particular service your church provides?  Daycare…pre-school…marital counseling…finance classes…recreation and sports opportunities…Bible studies…worship…prayer?

Right now it’s likely that your church wouldn’t show up on such a Google or Bing search.  Yet there’s a new internet tool that has been developed for the Indiana Conference and its churches.  This site is meant to compliment your church’s existing website and could be linked to it, but it is designed to highlight your church if it offers such a ministry.

You can go to www.umcoutreach.com to explore the site’s features.  This is your Yellow Page ad of the 21st century!  Yes, there is a cost but when you consider that the site will generate actual leads for your church–people interested in what you’re offering without you having to do anything–it’s well worth the low price.  Questions?  Feel free to contact your Church Development staff person, or simply check out the site!


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