New service grant helps church grow!

Posted: April 28, 2011 by efenster in Stories

  How can a church reach new people?  One way is by starting a new worship service as Windfall United Methodist Church did.  The church received a Church Development grant to help fund their effort and it made a significant difference.  Here’s what the church’s pastor, Rev. Chris Ellis, writes:

“My Windfall congregation received a New Worship Service grant of $2,000…towards the end of 2009.  These funds helped us buy the equipment we needed for our contemporary worship service ‘Passionately Engaging God’ in January of 2010.  God has used our new service.” 

“From our new service we have taken in 6 new adult member, 4 of which were not currently connected with any church.  Out of these new members, God has recently given us a praise and worship leader who is now using her beautiful voice for Christ.  Previously we worshiped only with the soundrack and screen.  This advancement will help our services tremendously.  Also, God has blessed the first [original] service with more people.  I believe this is a direct result of our taking this step of faith…”

Rev. Ellis goes on to report that his church’s average weekly worship attendance increased from 52 people in 2009 to 74 in 2010.  Although although an average of seven people attended both services, the church still reached 15 more people a week–nearly a 30% increase!  Praise God!


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