New demographic tools now available!

Posted: November 23, 2010 by efenster in Information, Resources

   A United Methodist church in South Bend recently told me that they had used MissionInsite–our conference’s free (to Indiana UM churches) web-based demographic tool–to study their church’s neighborhood.  To their surprise, there were people that fit a unique lifestyle group that didn’t match their church members.  By studying the demographics, they’ve discovered a whole new people group that they should be reaching. 

MissionInsite is a powerful tool.  And it has recently added two new powerful reports.  One is called “Impressions” and it’s available as one of the four default reports that the site offers.  The other is called “Mission Impact” and can be found in the document section under the “Help” tab.  I’ll share more about this in the next blog post.  But first, what is Mission Impact?

 The Impressions report is designed to give an ‘impression’ of a study area’s character. It has two parts, the first of which presents the study area’s likely overall mood and values. The second part presents a study area’s inclinations across a set of 10 polarities.

Here’s an example of parts of  a report for the neighborhood that I live in…


Pretty amazing!  Check it out!  — Ed Fenstermacher  

P.S.  If you aren’t registered with MissionInsite (, then first go to our conference website ( to the “Church Development” section and follow the steps under “MissionInsite” to register.  It’s easy!


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