Churches aren’t reaching 60% of population

Posted: November 9, 2010 by efenster in Ideas

Alan Hirsch says that nearly all churches in America are missing the growing slice of the population pie which is made up of people that have no real interested in church events, programs, and buildings.   The churches are competing for the remaining 40%, as he estimates it, while ignoring the majority who have little interest in organized religion.   

At Ginghamsburg UMC’s “Change the World” conference last month, he said that he believes the American church can innovate and create new models that reach the increasingly secular culture.  What those new models look like is yet to be discovered.  What models is your church trying?

Go to to read more about Hirsch’s ideas, which he recently shared at Granger Community UM Church’s “Genius of the And” conference.   

— Ed Fenstermacher

  1. larry says:

    My congregation is located between an elementary school and jr hi / sr hi campus, and we have not been very effective in leveraging our location. In the spring, there is a soccer league that uses the school fields on Saturday mornings. We are hoping to launch a simple outreach to provide a free beverage to the parents / family members of the players while they watch and begin to hopefully make the impression that we are more than a building next to the soccer fields.

    • efenster says:

      I’ve heard of one of our UM churches (Robinson Chapel near Fort Wayne) that does a mini Vacation Bible School session for little kids during the secular soccer matches that are going on nearby. Glad you’re experimenting! God will bless your efforts! — Ed Fenstermacher

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